When rare were those who believed in the south of Beira Interior, when the irregularities of the land overcame the average will of men, when almost nothing led to believe that almost everything was possible, Monte Barbo was already growing in the midst of the Beira Baixa characteristic schist, just in the interior of Portugal.

The wine was born in the 70’s, out of the unbreakable will of José Rodrigues - most known as Uncle Zé - that, full of faith in the land, gave Monte Barbo strenght in every single vine he planted, took care and watched growing.

The richness of the soils, the thorough selection of grapes and castes as well as the techniques that combine tradition with innovation, give rise to a wine full of personalitiy that overcame probabilities, prejudices, limitations and frontiers.

40 years, many many liters and acres later, the production increased and so did the desire and need to professionalize it, although keeping it small and selected. Uncle Zé’s intuition crossed generations and his devotion inspired the family, that today, with pride, sees the wine conquer land, strenght and several awards.

And so Monte Barbo fulfills its destiny, giving a taste if its excellence from mouth to mouth, taking a deeper Portugal further to new parts of the country and the world in each bottle of white, red or reserve that unveils all the quality, dedication and soul with which it is crafted.

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Charcutaria Espaço Gourmet in Fórum Almada
Restaurante da Catraia (near the gas station Prio) - Estrada Nacional 233, 6150-116 / Montes da Senhora
Sabores do Campo - Rua de Alcamim nº16D, 7350-064
Cellar “A Botelha” in Guarda Gare

Charcutaria Espaço Gourmet in Centro Comercial Colombo (south entrance near CTT)

Expressões da Nossa Terra – Rua Latino Coelho, 63A, Saldanha

…E Tem Dente & amp; Produtos e Territórios – Largo do Intendente

Mercearia do Vinho - Tv. André Valente 4, 1200-024

CASA DO QUEIJO de Olga Martins Garcia - Rua Dr. Jose de Carvalho n. 12, 6160-421

Intermarché - Lugar de São Bartolomeu 6150-503

Loja da Casa da Ti Augusta (Aldeias de Xisto) – Figueira 6150-718 Sobreira Formosa

Mercearia do Largo - Rua Doutor Romão de Mascarenhas 11
Cellar “A Botelha” – Av. da Fronteira

Crafted and bottled by Monte Barbo, Lda - Catraia-Cimeira 6150-116

Montes da Senhora Proença-a-Nova

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